Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where is God? While every second a child die from hungry - by Alex Mensaert

Isn't it 'funny' when we think about it? ... We are all children from God.... but every damn second on earth dies a child from hungry. So, my question is, 'where is God?', is he sleeping, or don't he take care for his children, ... or is it all bull shit and isn't there a God, and is it all just a fairytale? 
If I take a look at the picture below

.... then I am ashamed. Ashamed to be human, and to even think that there is a God that really see us; us all as his creations and his children.  Starving children, as example in Africa,... and knowing that every single second, one child die from being without food. Meanwhile churches makes themselves rich. Take an example on the Catholics... On Rome.. All what they have on treasures, gold, ornaments,... It would be all enough to safe the whole poor world from being poor and hungry. Near that, you may control every bible... but no any bible mention that God want money. So, brake down the churches, sell the ornaments, all the gold, and help all the 'children' of God. No?

It would be a solution for the whole poor world and no any child would die anymore from being hungry. I don't say that there isn't a God, that there isn't something or someone that created us or and our worlds, but it is a shame how religions take advantage of it.... People going to a church, and what they give in church? 'money'... only money.
Already years you don't see my ass anymore in any church. Singing and praying for the lord, my ass. It is all bullshit based on money and we may not forget that the bible is the best sold book in the world. The only book that really exist in every language. 
Believe it or not, years ago I was very religious, very catholic... but when I started to travel around the world, and when you see then children without parents, without food, sniffing glue, or in other cities and places crying asking and begging for food (not for money), then the question came in me up many times: 'Where are you God, if you really exist?'... 'Where the hell are you???'. 
So my believe in churches stopped for good.

It is a terrible feeling when you see a carton box with a young dead children body on it. No one looks, just walk in front, knowing the child died from hunger, and no parents with it. It is horrible and it gives you immediately a totally other feeling about this world. This blue planet, so beautiful from far, from the sky out, but so terrible bad in close up... standing near a dead child. There are no words for. Do you need to blame God, or do you need to blame yourself and all the other human beings that can be so selfish, bad and hard. 
Let us not forget that the human beings are the only one that kill for fun, the only ones that do crazy things, and mostly don't care about others. The real animal only kills to have food. 'we' people can kill for fun, for nothing, for a stupid fight, and basically we don't mind. So why should we mind about a 'few' dead children in the streets. Why. No. let us go to churches, believing all the crap what they are predicting every week or daily, giving our money there and leaving the temple or church with a good feeling, because we left some money... Hallelujah! 

Near that we have the thousands of organizations that collect money for poor people. If you really look it all well up on the internet, then you will find out that the presidents of those help-organizations are the big money makers. Some of them have an official income of more then $10.000 a month. Thinking then on the movie mother Teresa who left angry a meeting after seeing a bottle of Perrier water, asking the price of how much such a bottle cost, and answered that this was money enough to safe a live of a child.... then we need to ask ourselves questions by this kind of organizations... 'where is the money going too'? ...

A last point I want to discuss in all this...  Adoption. Isn't it a shame that adoption is so difficult? Such a bureaucratic thing... So many people, parents, sometimes people that can't have children from themselves.... want to adopt. Long waiting lists, not enough proofs to adopt a child, but meanwhile.... all those millions of children are waiting on a different life... on a family, on a future,... and most of them unfortunately will not get that. 

To end this... Again, or there is a God or not, isn't important. Important is that churches makes themselves rich, while a God never asked for money. Don't forget that even Jesus Christ went angry in front of a temple on sales man, and asked them to go away. Maybe,... just think on all this, think on those children, without parents, without food, .... make a travel to such a kind of country, and observe with your own eyes and heart.... how it feels when you see such a child dying.... on drugs.... having nothing... and then think what you will do.

This is unfortunately the real world where we live in, or you like it or not. 
If you can help a child, then do it, children are our future. We need to prepare them for our next generation. 

                                              Alex Mensaert - February 07 2013


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